Executive Council

 2018 Executive Council


   Fort Sill, OK
Political Science and Public Relations Major

   Vice President of Administration
   Tuscaloosa, AL
Communicative Disorders Major

   Director of Recruitment
Chicago, IL
Communication Studies Major

   Assistant Director of Recruitment

   Long Island, NY
Marketing Major

Director of Judicial Affairs

  Vero Beach, FL
Journalism and Creative Media Major

   Assistant Director of Judicial Affairs

  Jefferson City, MO
International Business Marketing Major


 Director of Finance

   Sarasota, FL
Management Information Systems Major

   Director of Public Relations

  Fort Belvoir, VA
Interior Design Major


   Director of Sigma Rho Chis

   Dallas, TX
Journalism Major
Assistant Director of Sigma Rho Chis

Madison, AL
Political Science Major

Director of Community Development and Outreach
Auburn, AL
Psychology Major