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Who Can Participate in Sorority Recruitment?
All female UA students are eligible to participate in sorority recruitment provided that (1) they are a regularly enrolled female student or plan to be a full-time student in good standing with The University of Alabama at the time of Recruitment in August, (2) they have never been initiated into one of the 26 National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) sororities at UA or on another campus, and (3) they register for recruitment via the 2019 Sorority Recruitment Registration Form and pay the required registration fee prior to the advertised deadline.

What if I Am Not a Freshman and I Want to Participate in Recruitment?
Provided you are a full-time female student and have not been initiated into another NPC sorority at UA or on another campus, you can participate in formal recruitment. UA utilizes a separate quota for freshman and upperclassman, and a PNM’s classification is determined by their year of high school graduation. A Potential New Member, who graduated high school prior to December 2018, is considered an upperclassman. The Upperclass/Secondary Quota, which is a separate from the Freshman/Primary Quota is used to specifically place upperclassmen and transfer students. This dual-quota system gives ALL women participating in recruitment a greater opportunity to pledge a sorority.

Is There a Grade Requirement to Participate in Recruitment and/or Join a Sorority?
No, there is not a minimum grade point average to participate in recruitment. Although Panhellenic does not require a specific grade point average (GPA) to participate in formal recruitment or COB, each sorority has a minimum grade requirement to be eligible for membership. Every sorority strives to maintain a high chapter grade point average (GPA), therefore each must consider a woman’s ability to adhere to the chapter's scholastic standards. With the large amount of women that participate in the formal recruitment process, GPA tends to be an easy way for the chapters to begin to manage the numbers. As such, it is HIGHLY recommended that women participating in formal recruitment or COB have at or above a 3.2 cumulative high school or college GPA at the time they are seeking membership. While scholastic standards is a component of the membership selection process, please note that meeting this minimum does not guarantee membership in a sorority. Each chapter also has a recommended GPA for potential new members:


Alpha Chi Omega: 3.4
Alpha Delta Chi: 3.0
Alpha Delta Pi: 3.2
Alpha Gamma Delta: 3.4
Alpha Omicron Pi: 3.53
Alpha Phi: 3.0
Chi Omega: 3.0
Delta Delta Delta: 3.2
Delta Gamma: 3.0
Delta Zeta: 3.4

Gamma Phi Beta: 3.1
Kappa Alpha Theta: 3.2
Kappa Delta: 3.2
Kappa Kappa Gamma: 3.33
Pi Beta Phi: 3.3
Phi Mu: 3.3
Sigma Delta Tau: 2.75
Sigma Kappa: 3.0
Zeta Tau Alpha: 3.2


Is a Final Academic Transcript Required to Participate in Recruitment?
Yes. All submitted academic information in Campus Director will be verified against official transcripts on file with The University of Alabama and academic information will be updated to match University records. To ensure that we have your correct academic information, please verify with your high school or college that a certified copy of your FINAL high school and/or college transcript has been sent directly to the UA Office of Admissions. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure UA has an official certified copy of your FINAL transcript, as this will be the recognized grade point average (GPA) shared with each sorority. All FINAL transcripts should be mailed directly from your high school or college to the UA Office of Admissions at the address below no later July 16, 2019 to ensure that they are received prior to the start of recruitment.

The University of Alabama
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
P.O. Box 870132
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35487

What was the Profile of the 2017 Sorority Recruitment Applicant Pool?

For fall 2017, 2,655 women registered for formal recruitment and 2,582 women participated in the first round of recruitment known as Open House. Of those women in the Open House Pool, 609 were from Alabama and 2,046 were from Out-of-State. Of the 2,582 women in the Open House Pool, 231 women did not complete the process, of which 125 withdrew, 106 were released and 22 participated in bid matching, but did NOT maximize their options. Of the 2,340 women receiving bids, 559 were from Alabama and 1,781 were from Out-of-State (45 states and 8 international countries), for an overall Open House Pool Match rate of 91%. The National average for women receiving a bid during formal recruitment is 79% of the Open House Pool.

  • Average Cumulative High School GPA: 3.74

  • Average Cumulative College GPA: 3.56

  • Average ACT Score: 26

  • Average SAT Score: 1,150