Hello, and welcome to the University of Alabama’s Panhellenic website! We are excited that you are interested in learning about our community and are happy to have you!  

The Alabama Panhellenic community is the largest (and I would personally say the greatest) Panhellenic community in the nation! It is comprised of over 7,600 incredible women that make up 18 National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) chapters, and 1 affiliate chapter. Please understand that each of these 19 chapters are special in their own way, but are all based upon very similar values and principles. Each ultimately providing benefits in the areas of sisterhood, academics, involvement, philanthropy, social engagement, and networking.

I realize that these numbers can seem either daunting or incredibly exciting—honestly, they are both! Joining our Panhellenic community is exciting; due to the size of the Capstone and our chapters your opportunities here are basically endless! But, then there’s the daunting question: where do you begin?? That is where the sisterhood of a Panhellenic chapter really steps in; I am here to assure you that joining a chapter makes this extremely large university a lot smaller and can become a great support system for you throughout your college career. Getting plugged in makes all the difference, and joining a chapter is the best way to find a home away from home. Basically, you have an incredible four years ahead of you so why not start it off by going Greek!  

It truly has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life to get to lead this community. I care deeply about each and every chapter and can happily say I have at least one good friend, if not more, within each house! Our community is made up of so many diverse girls from different backgrounds, and it is these individual differences, and chapter differences, that make us stronger as a whole.

Roll Tide,
Grace Anne Lake, President